You can enter an Edit mode by going to the setting menu (the cog icon on the top-right-hand corner) and select Customize your views.

From there you can either move, remove, resize or add views in any filters. You can edit the views in the "Home" filter but also in any app filters if you want a different setup.

Add a view

If there are other new views you haven't in your interface, there will be a "Add a view" button on the bottom of the interface.

It will then open a menu with Suggested Views for this filter. You can add a new view by clicking on the + button or by dragging it in the filter.

☝️ Some views can be specific to a filter and not appear in other filters.

Note that if you have all the views already in this filter, there won't be any button at the end of the list of views.

Move a view

There are two ways of moving a view:

  • Click on the up and down arrows buttons next to the view

  • Or select the view by its title and drag it wherever you want it.

Resize a view

Sometimes you might need less or more results inside a view. Simply select the line under the view and drag it up or down to change the number of results we'll display.

Note: while in Edit Mode, you might see some results in a grey loading state. This means that we don't have any more data to fill this row but when we'll have it, it will be filled.

Remove a view

Simply click on the cross icon next to the view and it will be removed from this filter. Do not worry you can add it back later if you want 😉

Now play with views and customize Station to your workflow! 🎉

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