As you can see we are using the browser's bookmark system to create our own Pinned resources inside Station's interface. It helps us manage our pinned resources and sync them across devices, it also enables you to add them from your browser directly with the star icon of your browser.

Station Pinned Resources folder

A Station's folder has been created and it is important that you don't edit its name or move it, otherwise, you will lose your Pinned resources inside of Station.

Applications' folders

Each time you pin a resource inside Station's interface, we'll create the corresponding folder to store it. It's important that you do not edit those folders too or Station won't recognize its pinned resources.

Adding a Pinned resources from the browser

If you respect the folder's storing system you can easily add a pin using your browser bookmark system. When adding a bookmark, be sure you are inside Station Pinned Resources folder and select either the Home folder to have it in your Station's home filter, or the corresponding application folder.

Reorder bookmarks inside a folder

If you reorder your bookmarks inside a folder it will reorder them in Station Pinned View too. 😉

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