In Chrome

You ever got the need to quickly access a doc by using Station but you weren't in Chrome when you wanted to do it?
You can trigger the shortcut of Station outside your browser the same way, just by changing a setting!

  • Go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts by typing it in your URL bar.

    You can also access them by clicking on "Manage Extensions" then on the top-left end corner, you can access the menu sidebar where you'll find the Keyboard shortcuts section.

  • Look for the Station extension and search Toggle Quick-Switch .

  • In the drop-down menu on the right, select "Global". Easy!

  • Now press CMD+E (mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+E (Windows & Linux) from another application than your browser. Chrome will come forward with Station open! ✨

If you don't have any keyboard shortcut set here, you can add it manually, be careful to choose a shortcut that isn't already used.

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