First, try to restart your browser: most of the issues are due to an outdated Station or a browser that hasn't been restarted for a long time.

If the bug still occurs, sorry for that 🙏

To help us understand your issue, here are the steps needed.

  1. A description of your bug

  2. A screenshot of your background page console logs

  3. Your current page's console logs where you might have the issue.

- - - -

I. Bug description & screenshots

  1. What triggers the issue

  2. Brief description of the issue

  3. Explanatory gifs/pictures (CloudApp, Droplr & Loom are awesome free tools for that)

  4. Browser used (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Brave)

  5. Station version: you can find it in the extensions settings

- - - -

II. Background page console


  1. Go to the Extensions Settings by clicking on "Manage Extensions" or by typing chrome://extensions in your URL bar.

  2. Find the Station Extension and click on "Details"

  3. Activate the "Developer Mode" on the top-right end corner

  4. Find and click on the "background page" in the list of URLs you can now see.

  5. Click on "Console"

  6. Take a screenshot of your console (the errors in red are what interest us most)

- - - -

III. Current's page console


  1. Stay on the page where the issue is occurring

  2. Right-click anywhere in the page and search for the "Inspect"

  3. Take a screenshot of the console (the errors in red are what interest us most)

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